Time to talk

If you would like to talk to someone other than your friends or family, you may wonder if counselling/psychotherapy is right for you and how it works.

There are times in life when we struggle; we may feel overwhelmed and we cannot cope with everyday demands anymore. This may be due to an external event that happened (e.g. relationship break up, illness, loss, abuse etc) or something you want to change (lack of confidence, addiction, making major decisions etc.). It can be very helpful when you talk to someone who can really listen to you. This helps you to feel understood and supported and you have the opportunity to find ways to cope better and to transform the cause of the pain depending on your circumstances.

So how does it work?

In terms of the process of therapy, I see it more as an art than a science. Many studies have shown that the relationship with a therapist is key to a positive outcome. Therefore, to some extent, it is less important what modality (i.e. theoretical approach/techniques) a therapist uses. What is important in the relationship between client and counsellor/therapist is the basis of trust and confidentiality.

Through the therapeutic relationship, you can feel heard, understood and accepted. This in itself is often very helpful in the healing process. Also, through specific questions and other methods of exploration used by the therapist, you gain greater self-awareness, which helps you to feel more at ease with yourself and others, therefore can improve your relationship with others too. It is an opportunity to feel validated and also challenged where change and growth is called for.

If you have any further questions, or would like to book an initial counselling session in East London or online, please do not hesitate to contact me on: info@heartfulnesstherapy.com or on 07985 220014


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