Reiki Healing

If you have health problems I also offer non invasive Reiki healing which can be offered as separate treatment or combined with counselling/psychotherapy.

I practise Reiki Tummo which deals with both universal energy (Reiki) and Kundalini (Tummo). It is practised by thousands of people around the world. It is a safe, non-intrusive and natural way to promote health and wellbeing by restoring balance to mind, body and spirit.

How does it work?

Reiki Tummo works by stimulating the flow of vital energy within and around our bodies. This helps to recharge and rebalance the flow of our subtle energies, relieving the effect of stress while activating the body’s ability to heal itself. It can promote deep healing and further spiritual growth.

In Reiki Tummo we do not call ourselves healers, as we prefer to rely on the Divine Source’s blessing of Love and Light. Therefore I do not diagnose any physical or non physical problems and simply let the Love and Light work and do the best.

For more information on Reiki Tummo, please visit the following websites:

What is involved?

  • I take a brief history of your ailments
  • You lie on a massage table or mat fully clothed and relax. I usually talk you through a brief relaxation process to enhance the benefits of the healing.
  • The beautiful Reiki Tummo healing energy will be channelled through my hands to you from head to toe, front and back of your body.  I do this without touching you physically. It works on your physical and non physical body.
  • An individual session lasts about 45 minutes.

Is it for me?

Reiki Tummo healing is open to anyone who would like to benefit from deep relaxation and/or are interested in developing further spiritually. As Reiki Tummo is very gentle and safe, even for babies and children, it is suitable for many conditions.

Benefits of Reiki Tummo Healing

  • Deep relaxation
  • Reducing stress and calming the mind
  • Better connection to the heart and to Divine Source
  • Improving overall health and well being
  • Enhancing your sleep

What is it like?

Reiki Tummo affects each person differently. Most people feel deeply relaxed and/or energised after treatment. Some people experience various sensations during treatment, others don’t. It depends on how sensitive you are to subtle energies. Feeling any sensations during treatment is not necessary and can be distracting. It is best to relax and let the healing take place.

It is recommended to book a minimum of six sessions in order to feel the full benefits.

Reiki Tummo Distant Healing

As Reiki energy is not restricted by space/location and time, I also offer distant healing sessions, which means we simply arrange a time and day, and I will send you healing at the agreed time, wherever you are. You do need to be able to lie down during the healing, so as to benefit maximally from it. You can benefit from this, wherever you are in a world.

My Experience

I have been practising Reiki Tummo since 2003 and have attended numerous workshops and retreats. I also have experience of setting up and running a weekly Reiki clinic for the public.

If you would like more information or want to book a session you can contact me.

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